Our Story

the history of the
Manor at Panmure
Pre 1800's


Panmure Island is the traditional territory of Mi’kmaq people. The indigenous community’s presence is marked by a beautiful Cultural Centre and park and every August, the community hosts the Pow Wow traditional festival.
Early 1800's

Early Settlers

In the early 1800s, Andrew Macdonald left Scotland and bought most of Panmure Island. In the ensuing years, two other prominent families called Panmure Island home, the Creeds and the Campbells.
Much of the land was used for agricultural purposes and there was considerable fishing activity as well.

How it all started

Looking to escape the unbearably hot summers of South Florida, the Leftwich family (Bob, Marsha and their son Charles) headed up the east coast in search of a property for summer family retreats.

Unsuccessful in finding a suitable property on the American east coast, the Leftwichs headed further north to the Maritimes and fell in love with the old-world charm, peaceful rural settings and quaint communities of PEI and acquired the 25 acre property on Panmure Island.

COTTAGE Construction

The Leftwich family began construction of the Cottage (Summer House) and completed it in the spring of 1999.

Plans for the Manor

During the summer of 1999, the family planted some 18 apple and cherry trees. Marsha had bigger plans on her mind and convinced Bob and Charlie about building something special. Tapping into Charlie’s interest in architecture and working with a local architect, the final plans were drawn for the Georgian Colonial style Manor and, by the fall, construction started on what would become the centrepiece of Maplehurst Properties.

Manor Construction

Under the master craftsmanship of Murray Hill and the Island's well-known Laningan family, construction was completed in the fall of 2000. Throughout this time, the family made frequent trips to the Island ensuring no detail was overlooked. In addition, the family began the task of acquiring Island-made and English antiques dating from as early as 1780 to furnish the Manor.

Manor Opening

The Manor was fully completed in the summer of 2001 and with all of Marsha’s creative and meticulous detailing in place, the Leftwichs hosted a celebratory gathering, fittingly on the 4th of July.

Under New Ownership

After some 20 memorable summers, in June 2017, the Leftwich family sold their precious properties to Mahmood Nanji and Rachele Dabraio of Oakville, Ontario. The children of modest immigrants from Uganda and Italy, acquiring Maplehurst Properties fulfilled a dream of having a distinguished quiet property on the Island.
They remain deeply committed to maintaining the wonderful legacy of the Leftwich family by ensuring the elegance and superior condition of the properties and offering a memorable experience for all of their guests.
2019 & 2022

The Devastation of Hurricanes Dorion and Fiona

Experiencing two of the worst storms in PEI’s history (winds in excess of 150km, storm surges and power outages lasting 10 to 16 days), was frightening and comforting at the same time.

While we have lost more than 100 beautiful big mature trees on our properties, both the Manor and Summer House have been relatively unscathed and for that we credit the Leftwichs, Murray Hill and the Laningan family for their foresight and workmanship in designing and building climate-resilient homes.

Name Change

To better reflect the history and geography of the properties, Maplehurst Properties was renamed The Manor at Panmure.